N.V.O.S. Lutra or Onderwatersportvereniging Lutra was founded in 1965. It is the oldest underwater sport association of Eindhoven and one of the oldest in the Netherlands. We can therefore safely state that there is a huge diving and snorkeling experience at our association. We average around 200 members from 8 to almost 80 years. Although in the past diving was probably seen as a real men's sport, we now also have many (diving) female members and more and more entire families who all enjoy the underwater sport.

Almost from the foundation of the association we have our home base in the Ir. Ottenbad on the Vijfkamplaan in Eindhoven. In addition to the compressor to fill compressed air bottles up to 300 Bar, we can also dispose of the other materials that the club is rich in organizing all sorts of activities.

An association naturally needs volunteers to function. Fortunately, a very large part of the members is busy every week or every month with all sorts of activities such as organizing all kinds of events, maintenance of materials, giving snorkel and diving training, managing the business or just being present on the Tuesday or Friday evenings.

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