PADI (englisch)

Lutra provides training according to the system of PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. This organization is the largest in the world and has been developing diving training since 1966. Every year, more than 1 million people obtain a diving license via PADI. A PADI diving license is accepted almost everywhere in the world and therefore guarantees a thorough diving training with which you can safely explore the underwater world. There are of course other good training systems to learn dives such as CMAS and SSI. In addition, in the Netherlands there is also the training system of the NOB, the Dutch Underwater Sports Association. As an association Lutra has made the choice for PADI because of the solid and versatile training. In addition, many follow-up courses and floors are possible within PADI, the so-called Specialties. All members of Lutra who are involved in providing diving training have a current PADI certificate as Instructor or Divemaster.

Have a look at the site of PADI for the possibilities. As Lutra we do not offer all courses but the nicest specialties that you can use in the Netherlands and of course all diving courses up to Divemaster